Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Running a business is a major responsibility that can involve many risks. Every business needs to protect themselves from accidents or injuries that may occur on their business grounds. General Liability insurance coverage can protect your business from these unexpected expenses. 

General Liability Insurance helps cover:

A General Liability policy can prevent major financial losses if your business is sued or held legally responsible in the event of bodily injury or damage. This insurance helps protect your business from claims of:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Advertising Injury
  • Product and Completed Operations
  • Reputation Harm

A typical policy will cover those accidents or damages that occur on-site or as a result of using goods or services sold by a company. In addition, coverages can be designed to cover additional costs like attorney fees or court costs. 

The dangers of not having a general Liability Insurance

Liability Claims are common and can come up during normal business operations. They can get expensive for small businesses and many don’t have the resources to cover a liability claim. Judgements, settlements, legal defense fees and court costs can be extremely expensive. Without liability insurance coverage, your business would have to pay these costs out of pocket.  

There are many types of liability coverages. It is important to find out what the best options are for your business.

At AD Larsen Insurance Services, we can help you create a policy that is designed to safeguard your best interest of your business – so you can focus on serving your customers and increasing your profits. 

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